How to get the most out of your coupon code marketing?

If you are creating some coupon codes and expect them to create a buzz in your fan club, then you are wrong. You just post your coupons anywhere and everywhere are just a small gist of it. You need to take some effective measures and plan a strategic path to get the most out of your coupon code marketing. Also make note notes what all ways you can use it all with the Cubber app.

In online industry there are the number of ways one can do the marketing with the coupon code and here are few subtle and result bearing ways:

Four Ways To Get Cash Back Every Time You Shop

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  1. Hold on the return customers: When you get the customer who uses your online service, do not let them go. Hold on to them. Attract them with coupons by sending them on a regular basis. When they finalize their order, send them the coupon code via email. You can also print a coupon code on their bill with thank you. Everyone loves the discount, no matter how rich or poor they are.
  2. Get new customers from the blog posting: Blog posting is one of the most effective ways to get in touch with your customers. This will attract readers and increase your coupon marketing sales. The blog posting is one of the most low-cost advertisements with a coupon as leverage. The blog gains more readers and keeps the existing readers happy by offering exclusive discounts.
  3. Up sell buyers with the bigger sale: How will you feel if you get to buy an extra item with the help of coupon code? Everyone likes to buy some more if they are given chance besides; there are some mouth watering items which people put in their cart for later. The coupons will give them chance to buy them. The best example is “Buy 2 more books with the discount coupon code if you buy something worth $200” or “Free shipping with the coupon on buying for products worth more than $100”Image result for cubber wallet offer
  4. Create urgency with potential buyers: There are buyers who just look at the products and keep them in the cart for later, just like window shopping. You can give them a little shove towards buying with “Buy now before the discount expires” so that they will act on with haste.

For example: Act now or coupon expires within 2 hours. Hurry!!!

  1. Build social fan base: It is important to have a social fan base and coupon could help you with that. You can associate coupon code with our newsletters or increase followers on Facebook or Twitter. For example, you will get our product at a discounted price if you sign up for our newsletter or you will get 10% cash back if you connect to us through Facebook or if you connect to us via Twitter.
  2. Turn offline into online: Apart from online marketing, there is the world outside which could give you immense opportunities to market your products. Get associated with an event or sponsor the event and provide coupon code in the form of tickets. You can also print it on the back of your business card. This will give you business and fast track your coupon code marketing.Image result for cubber wallet offer
  3. Track advertisements: You can advertise offline but you will not be able to keep the track of it working or not. It could be really hard to know if coupons are working out, so put an ad in the local paper or put local party as a sponsor. You can add your discount code on there and see if those customers are really biting your bait or not.
  4. Easy to remember names: It is very necessary to keep the names on the coupon that people can remember. If you keep something like “abdgmhklfghi”, it won’t make any sense. You can keep something like “gettinglucky” or “discount20”. It is must to keep the name of coupon code easy and catchy as well.
  5. Mix and match: This is one of my personal favorite ways. This option is mix and match option where you can mix and match any one or any two or more options and create a coupon code. Everyone is getting bored of the boring coupon codes. It’s time for you to take the matters in hand and create something that will ooze out value for your customer’s money. You can keep a catchy name and tell your customers to use it at 2 – 3 days in a row to get the most out of it.Image result for cubber wallet offer

Now that you perfectly know how to get the best out of coupon code marketing, do your best and attract utmost users as you can. Use these coupon marketing ideas for your online store and you will maximize your marketing efforts with very little time and effort.

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